Quarter Horse Training San Diego – How to Deal with an Aggressive Horse in Quarter Horse Training in San Diego

Quarter horse training in San Diego aims at instilling new skills in a horse. The new skills are meant to help you win in the quarter horse races. However, before you can start training your horse on how to win, it is imperative that you take some time to correct some of the behavioral problems it may have. If you have an aggressive horse, the following tips will help you to better treat the problem.

If the horse barges into you or runs over you, it will be evoking one of two reactions: fear or offense. The human instinct is to respond to an aggressive horse with a big, hard jerk on its halter. This never works. Great horse trainers in San Diego will start by trying to understand the root cause of the aggressiveness.

Starting point
Before you start training your horse, it is important that you first understand your horse as well as its behavior. This is the first step to problem solving. You have to ask yourself this vital question: why is my horse engaging in the invasive behavior?

There are two reasons why your horse may be engaging in the invasive behavior; fear or dominance. It is very natural for a scared horse to want to crowd your space. This is how horses survive in the wild. Mostly, the horse will want to hide in the middle of the herd where it feels safe. In the case of a dominant horse, it will want to move other horses out of its space.

How do you identify the motivation leading to the aggressiveness?
Quarter horse trainers in San Diego have the training and experience to help identify the main motivation leading to the aggressiveness. However, if you want to identify the motivation on your own, there are a few things you need to look out for.

If the horse is reactive and tense, he is definitely invading your space because of fear. On the other hand, if your horse is calm and deliberately in your way, he has dominance issues. It is only after identifying the root cause of the problem that you will be able to come up with the most appropriate response.

Simple things such as jumping jacks or any other unexpected but harmless behavior will help end the fear in your horse. For a dominant horse, you can back it up by wiggling a rope as you train it. In all that you do, never jerk the halter roughly. Doing this will only worsen the situation.

Dealing with an aggressive horse is quite important if you really want to excel in quarter races and be the happy owner of a great horse. All in all, you must not take on quarter horse training in San Diego on your own. At times, expert help is needed to identify the root causes of the problems as well as to come up with effective solutions in horse training. If you need help, never hesitate to hire one.

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