Quarter Horse Training San Diego – Beginner Tips for Quarter Horse Training in San Diego

Quarter horse training in San Diego must always start with the understanding of how horses think and react in the wild. The number one thing you have to note is that horses are herd animals with the stallion being the head. Horses fear other animals including people. When you are approaching a horse, it does not have any idea of what your intents are. It will hence watch your actions as well as body language to decide whether to wait, stand or flee.

For the best results in any horse training, it is imperative that the horse trainers in San Diego present themselves as the lead mare. However, if your horse is a natural leader, you might have trouble training it. The good news is that horses want a leader to show them what to do and how to do things. As the human leader, your everyday objective has to be establishing yourself as a leader to the horse. Below are a few tips to help with training.

Start training early
The first thing you must do is to start training your horse early enough. This has to be done to keep it from acquiring behaviors that may be difficult to fix. According to quarter horse trainers in San Diego, your horse will be ready for training at the age of 2. Spend as much time with the horse as you can so that it gets used to being around you and other people.

Fix behavioral problems
Quarter horse training in San Diego should start by fixing the behavioral problems that the horse may have. This is particularly so if you bought a mature horse. There have been cases of horses biting or kicking. Before you punish them, remember that the behaviors are all because horses are prey animals. Understanding what might be causing the issue is the key to fixing it fast.

Start with the basics
Don’t get to race training right away. Your training approach needs to be progressive. Start by using ground work before you attempt to ride the horse. Ground training using a long rope is usually the first step of training. Let the horse move in large circles while you teach it simple commands.

You will also need to teach your horse how to walk beside you on a lead. The lead training is crucial because you will use it every day for the rest of the horse’s life. You should note that most horses will want to test you during lead training. Seek advice from horse trainers in San Diego if you are not sure of what needs to be done in any stage of training.

Horse training is not as easy as most people think it to be. Your horse is not as intelligent as you are. It learns best with repetition. Do not be in a hurry to move on to the next command. Always make sure that he understands what you were learning yesterday before teaching him a new skill. The best thing is that you can always enlist the help of quarter horse trainers in San Diego to help with the training.

Quarter horse training in San Diego