Quarter Horse Trainers San Diego – How to Reward or Discipline Your Horse during Training

Quarter horse trainers San Diego understand the importance of having a consistent teaching system. This is for the simple fact that horses learn best with repetition. If you keep switching from one method to another, you will only end up confusing your horse. This is why it is very important for you to pick a training style carefully. You need to pick a single style that you will stick with throughout the training. The same goes for rewards and your discipline system.

The best supplement when it comes to quarter horse training San Diego is to reward your horse for the progress it is making. This is known as positive reinforcement. They should also be a negative reinforcement for when the horse misbehaves. However, you need to focus more on positive reinforcement. This post discusses some of the things you need to do when it comes to the development of a reward or discipline system.

Reward him immediately
For positive reinforcement to work for your horse, it is imperative that you reward him immediately after he accomplishes what you asked him to do. If you are using pressure to cue the horse, you need to release it immediately after the horse accomplishes the task. At times, using a verbal phrase will help with positive reinforcements.

The worst mistake you can make is that of rewarding your horse with treats. As much as this is tempting, experienced horse trainers San Diego know that rewarding a horse with treats only succeeds in making him more expectant or even bite-prone after some time. You can give treats occasionally but you need to reserve them for outside training.

Discipline the horse
It is obvious that after some time, the horse will tend to misbehave. If this happens, you should not look the other way. You need to discipline him. Do so if the horse disobeys you intentionally. However, before you discipline him, you must remember that horses have a reason for all their actions. Often times, what you may take for defiance may just be a way of the horse trying to communicate with you. He might be in pain, scared or just trying to tell you something.

In quarter horse training San Diego, discipline has to occur in a manner in which the horse understands. Punish him in a way that the leading horse in a herd would punish him for misbehaving. You have to exercise dominance by making the horse to move away or towards you. You can also make the horse turn or back. It is okay to combine the two so that the horse does not predict your decision.

You must never beat or whip the horse as a way of punishing him. Quarter horse trainers San Diego need to show their power without ever jeopardizing the physical and mental health of the horse.

These are quick tips to help you with horse training. Although it is fun to train your horse on your own, you should consider working with an expert if you ever feel incapacitated. Not every person can excel in horse training.

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